Marshfield Clinic Research Institute is the sole participant from the United States’ Midwest in a worldwide Pfizer Phase 3 clinical trial, Vaccine Against Lyme for Outdoor Recreationists (VALOR), to investigate the efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of their investigational Lyme disease vaccine candidate, VLA15.

Lyme disease is a common illness caused by a bacteria found in ticks. Bites from infected ticks can transfer the bacteria to humans and cause a characteristic rash, fevers, and fatigue. If untreated, Lyme disease can sometimes progress to more a complicated disease involving the heart, nervous system, or joints.

Currently, there are no approved vaccines available to prevent Lyme disease. The VALOR research study is evaluating if an investigational (study) vaccine is safe and effective for preventing Lyme disease in people who have been exposed through tick bites.

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