Direct Supply, the Milwaukee-based technology, distribution and consulting company serving the senior care industry, is teaming up with a California health care tech company to develop safety innovation that can reduce the number of falls that take place among the elderly inside senior living communities.

Using artificial intelligence, San Francisco-based SafelyYou provides real-time fall detection technology to record video of resident falls. When an incident happens, the technology notifies care staff so the video can be reviewed and staff can take action. The cameras are only activated when a fall is detected. The partnership is mainly being channelled through the Direct Supply Innovation & Technology Center in downtown Milwaukee, which focused on innovation.

Direct Supply sells to 95% of all skilled nursing facilities in the U.S. and 80% of assisted/independent living facilities in the country. Its services and products help more than 3 million seniors across the U.S., company officials said.

“One of our primary goals at the Direct Supply Innovation & Technology Center is to identify and vet the most promising solutions that can demonstrably improve outcomes while driving cost out of the healthcare system,” said Tom Paprocki, managing director of Direct Supply’s Innovation & Technology Center, in a statement. “When we began our work on falls, we found that the cost to society was truly monumental — $50 billion in 2015 alone. However, the cost isn’t simply financial. Falls exact an enormous physical and emotional toll on older adults, their caregivers and their families.” Read the full story here.