The Asenzya Inc. plant in Oak Creek continued running during the Covid-19 pandemic with a strict mask-wearing requirement and the company’s executives decided to take another step in fighting the virus — in-house vaccinations.

The privately held manufacturer and blender of spices with 150 employees contacted Novir LLC after learning about the firm’s onsite vaccine services during a seminar, said chief financial officer Bill Komisar. Novir vaccinators administered Moderna shots the week of March 29.

“It was the next step in trying to impress upon our employees the importance of keeping themselves healthy,” Komisar said.

Asenzya was one of the first customers of the onsite vaccinations from Novir, which is based in Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward. Novir launched in 2020 offering a Covid-19 rapid antibody testing system that gives results within minutes.

Novir received approval from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to administer Covid-19 vaccines. The company’s strategy is to bring vaccines to worksites and get employees vaccinated quickly, said president and CEO Alexander Kempe.

Adding vaccinations to Novir’s arsenal goes hand-in-hand with the Covid-19 testing services, said Kim Wutt, director of clinical operations. The company’s goal is to make it as convenient as possible for employees of Novir clients to get a shot.

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