Since winning the People’s Choice Award in the Elevator Pitch Olympics at the Early Stage Symposium in 2022, the VocaTone team has been hard at work developing the latest version of its vocal synthesizer technology.

VocaTone Studio developed a novel piece of technology that allows content creators to access a digitized human voice that can do an astonishing number of things- in 40 different languages! First, the user selects the type of vocalist desired, everything from an operatic voice to a heavy metal vocal style are available. Then the user enters the words the electronic vocalists will sing or speak. With just a few keystrokes, human vocals pour from the computer speakers exactly as the creator imagined it.

Launched in 2021, founders Gregory Grissom, Natalia Shmueli, Diana Outlaw, and KK Jenkins met each other online in a vocal synthesis chat room while still in high school and have been creating innovative technology together ever since.

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