One of the nation’s most influential businesses in healthcare application integration protocols is headquartered in Grafton.

HealthLX, founded in 2014 by CEO Will Tesch, is at the forefront of developing Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). FHIR are international standardization guidelines designed to enable health data, including clinical and administrative data, to be quickly and efficiently exchanged between software platforms.

“The biggest and ugliest challenges in the maturity of how technology evolves is tied to how systems talk to each other,” Tesch explained.  “It doesn’t matter if it’s 2022 or 1982. That is fundamentally the challenge you have. Human beings build stuff all over the place, all with certain purposes and needs, but sometimes they have to get outside their system to talk to another system. In that layer of technology challenge, the healthcare industry calls it interoperability, every other industry calls it integration.”

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