Kenosha-based tech startup VocaTone Studio was among the most talked about startups at this year’s Early Stage Symposium. The company won over the audience while competing in the Elevator Pitch Olympics at the event, capturing the coveted People’s Choice Award for its presentation of an AI-based audio tool the founders have been working on for more than 10 years.

The tool itself is technically complicated, but the concept behind it is not.

VocaTone Studio has created a novel piece of technology that allows musicians and other content creators to access an electronic vocalist. First, the user selects the type of vocalist desired, everything from an operatic voice to a heavy metal vocal style are available. Then the user enters the words the electronic vocalists will sing. With just a few keystrokes, human vocals pour from the computer speakers exactly as the creator imagined it. All at a fraction of the cost of hiring human talent.

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