RJA Dispersions LLC, a custom manufacturer of nano-particle and pigment dispersions for major original equpment manufacturing accounts worldwide, will relocate its operations to Hudson, Wis. from Maplewood, Minn., effective Nov. 1.
The company executed a lease for 6,500 square feet for office, laboratory, and production space in the River Bluffs Business Center, located in the St. Croix Business Park. The expanded space, which includes 5,000 square feet on the main level and a 1,500 square feet mezzanine, will significantly increase RJA’s production capabilities.

Dr. Joseph Ward, vice president of Marketing, said: “RJA Dispersions chose John Wold’s River Bluffs Business Center not only for its attractive location and economics, but also for the availability of industrial level power. Bill Rubin, director of the St Croix Economic Development Corporation coordinated key resources including availability of financial support from Char Gurney and the West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission which is making our expansion plans possible in this difficult financing climate.”

The company’s primary market is digital imaging and the rapidly growing industry requirements for ultra violet curable ink jet inks. RJA manufactures and sells custom pigment dispersions in solvent, water and uv curable monomers, which differentiates them from their customers who manufacture the ink jet inks.

The dispersions manufactured by RJA have an average particle size of 90 to 140 nanometers, which is readily incorporated into ink jet inks by various ink manufacturers. One nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

For additional information on RJA Dispersions, go to www.rjadispersions.com.