GenoPalate, an industry leader in personalized nutrition science announced today that it has selected Earth Fare, the clean grocery store committed to offering healthy and sustainable food choices, as its first grocer retail partner. Together, the brands are spearheading a wellness revolution in the grocery industry by harnessing the power of biomarkers, proprietary algorithms, and extensive databases to offer personalized nutrition for shoppers.

GenoPalate leverages users’ genetic, phenotypic, and behavioral information to generate personalized Essential Nutrition Reports, which lay a foundation for customers to understand their nutritional needs. Starting this month, Earth Fare customers within all 18 locations can scan a QR code within the wellness department to order an Essential Nutrition Report. They may choose to upload their existing raw genetic data or use GenoPalate’s at-home DNA Collection Kit. The pioneering collaboration bridges the critical divide between acquiring knowledge about optimal nutrition and gaining access to the high-quality food necessary for its integration into an individual’s diet.

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