Fetch, America’s Rewards App, has partnered with mobile games connection platform adjoe to release Fetch Play, a rewards for mobile gaming integration that unlocks an entirely new way for users to earn Fetch Points through playing popular, free mobile games. With an extensive library of popular, top gaming titles to choose from across Android and iOS, users can rack up major Fetch Points through reaching milestones, completing in-game challenges, and more. A uniquely engaging type of rewards experience, Fetch Play taps into a growing interest in gaming and a hunger from users to boost their Fetch Points balance beyond snapping receipts.

This new gaming experience has quickly become a massively popular feature within the Fetch experience. Play-engaged users have already earned more than 10 billion Fetch Points – roughly equivalent to $10 million in gift cards – with the average engaged user racking up 6,700 Fetch Points since its launch. Beyond boosting engagement and generating significant value for consumers, Fetch Play is also driving user retention, with 85 percent of engaged users keeping up with weekly receipt scanning, 10 percentage points above nonplayers.

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