SHINE Technologies is a member of the Wisconsin Technology Council. 

SHINE Technologies today announced that it has selected Deep Isolation’s technology as its preferred solution for storage and disposal of the high-level waste that will remain as a residue after deployment of SHINE’s technology for recycling used nuclear fuel (UNF). The two companies have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly drive forward spent fuel recycling supported by a safe and scalable solution for the resulting waste streams.

Under this agreement, SHINE and Deep Isolation will collaborate and exchange critical information for the use of Deep Isolation’s Universal Canister System (UCS) and patented directional drilling solution for deep borehole disposal for isolation and management of high-level waste.

joint study by the two companies in 2023 looked at the feasibility and costs of disposing 100% of the high-level waste (HLW) remaining from SHINE’s 200 MTHiM pilot reprocessing facility by encapsulating the waste in the Universal Canister System and emplacing in deep boreholes. The study concluded that SHINE’s recycling process reduced the HLW volume by over 90% from the original UNF volume, and that Deep Isolation’s solution is technically and economically viable for the remaining waste. The study also identified areas where further technical work could optimize Deep Isolation’s technology for the remaining waste, reducing disposal costs even further.

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