Exact Sciences is a member of the Wisconsin Technology Council. 

Workflow Services, an automated platform that solves point-of-care clinical service delivery for pharmacies, announced a new agreement with Exact Sciences, a biotechnology company that develops tests designed to prevent, detect, and guide the successful treatment of cancer. This new partnership brings the power of the Workflow Services platform—a full spectrum, front-to-back digital solution supporting point-of-care service delivery—to help educate eligible patients who visit the pharmacy on the importance of having a colorectal cancer screening.

When detected at an early stage, colorectal cancer, the second leading cause of death from cancer in the U.S., is highly treatable in about 90% of cases*. However, many patients eligible for screenings have difficulty accessing them for various reasons, including living in a rural community without local clinics or having limited access to a primary care provider. Many of these patients see their pharmacist regularly.

In this new approach, pharmacists are empowered to use the Workflow Services platform to educate patients about colorectal cancer screening options. For eligible and interested customers, pharmacists are then enabled to help patients learn more about the Cologuard® test from Exact Sciences. Cologuard is a unique and highly effective at-home colon cancer screening test that requires no prep, dietary changes, or sedation.

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