Recent reports say teens spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms. College student Dayne Rusch, with the help of his app, Pyxsee, is hoping to cut down this number.

Pyxsee is a mobile application that combines a person’s social media accounts in one place, and helps users monitor the amount of time they are spending on those accounts.

While sitting in his freshman-year physics class at the UW-Oshkosh, Rusch listened to his professor talk about how companies use online applications to consolidate their social media accounts. These applications streamline the posting process and allow companies to monitor which apps are getting the most traffic, all in one place.

Knowing that apps already existed for these functions at the company level, Rusch wondered why there weren’t apps that allowed everyday social media users to do the same thing.

“So, I stood up in class, the middle of class, and I called my dad. He’s an entrepreneur himself,” Rusch said.

Two years later, Rusch is a senior majoring in finance with a minor in information systems, and the CEO of Pyxsee.

The original function of Pyxsee was to integrate an individual’s social media accounts for easier posting, as well as to monitor time spent on each app, but Rusch didn’t want to stop there. In January, Pyxsee launched a feature that gives parents the ability to monitor and control their children’s social media use. “Pyxsee: Parental Guidance” is a subscription-based service through which parents can pay $3 per month per dependent, or $50 for the entire year for unlimited dependents.

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