A coalition led by the Chicago Quantum Exchange has been awarded a $1 million National Science Foundation Regional Innovation Engines Development Award to deepen partnerships and strengthen workforce and economic development plans for Chicagoland’s growing quantum ecosystem.

“The NSF Engines Development Award: Advancing quantum technologies in the Midwest,” is effective immediately. It will be used by the multi-sector coalition, which includes the UW-Madison, to build data-driven strategies aimed at translating lab research into real-world applications and training workers for the fast-growing quantum economy.

Quantum technologies, which harness the unusual properties of nature’s smallest scales, are poised to transform society by enabling “unhackable” communications, secure financial transactions, accelerated drug discovery, optimized supply chains and more.

Two previous Type 1 awards involving parts or all of Wisconsin were announced last year. They are led by The Water Council and WiSys, respectively. The Wisconsin Technology Council is a partner in both.

Read more about the Chicago Quantum Exchange award here: https://chicagoquantum.org/news/nsf-dev-award