RedFox AI Launches V Lab Digital Assistant for At-Home Diagnostic Testing and Home Healthcare Providers

Madison, Wis. – RedFox AI, a voice technology startup based in Madison, has announced the launch of its new V Lab digital assistant that will help patients be more successful while helping biotech and life sciences organizations reduce friction and costs across the patient journey. “Having personally experienced the hardship of not having easy and on-demand access to information when undergoing home chemotherapy treatments as a kid we decided to build V Lab to ensure that no patient ever has to endure this struggle like I did,” said Nick Myers, Founder and CEO of RedFox AI.

According to the company, V Lab is the first Conversational AI platform designed specifically to assist with at-home diagnostic testing, at-home medical devices, and home healthcare. It can answer any questions patients have in natural language, guide patients through the process of completing their test checking in with them along the way, collect and provide real-time feedback from patients, and notify patients reminding them to return their test when completed. “One of our core goals from the beginning with V Lab was to build a digital assistant that created a suspension of belief for the patient when interacting with it – in other words, we wanted to build a digital assistant that communicates so naturally that patients forget it is an A.I. they’re talking to,” said Brett Brooks, RedFox AI’s CTO.

Unlike most of today’s mainstream digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant that require a specific operating system, and app, or a standalone piece of hardware V Lab can be integrated into any existing website on the internet making it accessible via any web browser on any smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.

With the at-home diagnostic testing and home healthcare marketing expected to approach $6.53 billion by 2025, RedFox AI is expecting that V Lab will be the solution that closes the information gap between providers and patients, while also helping providers reduce costs and collect valuable data from patients that they would not otherwise be able to collect. According to Nick, “Technology is a tool that can be used for both bad and good. We are choosing to use it for good to create a positive human outcome for millions of home healthcare patients across the U.S and around the world.” You can learn more about RedFox AI and V Lab by visiting

About RedFox AI

Founded in 2019, RedFox AI is an award-winning voice technology startup based in Madison, WI with a mission to improve the patient experience for at-home diagnostic testing and home healthcare by leveraging Conversational AI to help patients and healthcare providers be more successful.

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