Today Redox announced the launch of its API Actions, a new modular way for healthcare companies to build out their ideal workflows. Further, Redox is also announcing its international expansion into Canada. With Redox, providers, payer, digital health companies, and other adjacent healthcare entities can now create composable healthcare experiences for patients and physicians, whether in Montreal, Quebec or Montreal, Wisconsin.

Redox’s API Actions decode the complex jargon of healthcare integration to explain, in plain language, what’s possible for a healthcare workflow. Because data flows can get complicated and there are nuances to successfully completing the jobs to be done, each action provides information about the calls that are needed to make product and engineering teams feel confident that they’re completing the right steps to meet their goals. As a result, these teams can focus on differentiating from competitors by providing better patient and provider experiences. Redox’s prescriptive API Actions model allows organizations to leverage Redox expertise to assemble a recommended path for solving their integration needs.

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