A bill progressing through the Wisconsin Legislature was meant to spur the extension of electric vehicle charging by confirming that private businesses can sell electricity to drivers at charging stations.
But amendments to the bill have turned electric vehicle proponents against it. The current version would ban government entities from owning or leasing charging stations and would only allow stations to charge for electricity that comes from utilities — not from on-site solar installations.

Clean-energy proponents including Renew Wisconsin now say they want Gov. Tony Evers to veto the bill if it passes the Legislature with those provisions intact. The Assembly version of the bill has passed committees and could be heard by the full House in coming days.

Scores of private businesses in Wisconsin currently own EV charging stations and bill customers for the energy. But advocates fear utility opposition could shut them down at any moment, especially if utilities decide to build their own charging networks, potentially earning a rate of return in the process.

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