Since formally launching in 2019, Forest Data Network has been focused on tracking and reporting on Wisconsin stumpage prices, with subscriptions available in 13 regions and across the entire Dairy State. During this period, forest industry professionals and newsletter readers have requested pricing in other states, including the highest number of requests for Michigan. We undertook a process a number of months ago, which involved computer science experts and a process of building a network of Michigan timber professional. We’re now prepared to launch our Michigan pricing reports.

You can find the regions in Michigan where FDN now provides digital subscriptions — often several times per year — on our website here: In addition to subscribing to the pricing reports that can be delivered in an automated fashion to your email inbox, we can provide very granular Michigan pricing data as part of our FDN Prime service for entities with larger footprints in the market, who may have a need for Wisconsin and/or Michigan prices.   If you are looking similar information for other states, please let us know.

FDN Prime ( allows for a much more detailed look at pricing, including the ability to view prices down to the county level and differentiate against different pricing data sources. Please let us know if you would be interested in a demo of the FDN Prime cloud-based system.

As part of our launch in Michigan, we also take a look at how the state’s timber industry has experienced the COVID-19 pandemic. For those unfamiliar with our reporting, we focus our stories on topics that would be of special interest to forest owners and those in the industry who have an interest in the economics and other areas of the business. We’re always looking for new and interesting stories to cover, so look forward to hearing from you on topics important to you.

Here are a few additional recent stories that might be of interest:

We look forward to your feedback on these stories and our Michigan offering. Please forward this on to others who may have an interest in receiving this newsletter or information on Michigan, Wisconsin or other Lake States timber pricing information.

All of these stories linked above and more are available at and new stories appear every week.