The future of smart urban watersheds is here

Green Bay, Wisconsin – TitletownTech today announced its investment in StormSensor, a climate technology startup leveraging sensors, data, and software to prevent stormwater pollution, sewage overflow, and flooding. StormSensor is empowering government municipalities, utility authorities, and environmental leaders with information they need to detect, understand, and manage conditions in their stormwater and wastewater systems. By leveraging quantifiable overflow and water-related data, customers can implement solutions in real-time.

“As climate change impacts the environment we love and live in, it is critical for innovation and forward-thinking entrepreneurs to tackle the massive challenges that has been created. StormSensor’s solutions show tremendous progress in the area of enviro-tech, and we’re thrilled to be a part of driving environmental improvement for cities, communities, and community members everywhere,” said Craig Dickman, Managing Director at TitletownTech.

Many communities still employ traditional methods of watershed tracking. These traditional methods only provide spot checks, which can result in misinformed decision making, slow response times and detrimental outcomes. As StormSensor CEO and Founder Erin Rothman states in this Public Spend Forum article, “sewage overflow is a $32 billion problem in the United States.”

The issue of storm-surge water management has been increasing over the past decade. Though the historical average season produces 12 named tropical storms, NOAA predicts 19 to 25 named storms in the season that began June 1, 2020. Around 10 storms are predicted to become hurricanes, with three to six of those forecast to be major hurricanes of Category 3 or stronger. The agency has never forecast up to 25 storms in a season, said Gerry Bell, lead seasonal hurricane forecaster at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

“The number and intensity of storms — and their floods — continue to increase with climate change, and we have a lot of work to do to build resilience into our communities,” said StormSensor’s Rothman. “We start with data: understanding how water moves through our coastal/upland and sewer systems, monitoring how that variability impacts flow conditions, and then applying it to sustainable design solutions is an important first step that we are excited to take alongside our customers.”.

Prior to founding StormSensor, Rothman worked at a Seattle consulting firm that focused on assisting property owners with monitoring stormwater – a necessary task to ensure compliance with state regulations. She quickly realized there was a huge opportunity to create a solution that would save time, money, and introduce new value to the market. Rothman has a Bachelors Degree in Technical and Scientific Communication & Environmental Science from Miami University and a Masters Degree in Natural Resources and Wetland Ecology from The Ohio State University.

About StormSensor

StormSensor is on a mission to help cities thrive by making communities smarter, more resilient, and sustainable as the climate continues to change. They start by building the coastal, sewer, and storm systems of the future. StormSensor’s affordable IoT data networks provide weather, flow, depth, and temperature, every five minutes, every day – in short, metering the last unmetered utility. This data helps cities better understand how water moves in their subsurface infrastructure (think Google Traffic Maps for water), meaning cities can operate more efficiently and effectively, and make more informed decisions on capital

About TitletownTech

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