Powered by a top-ranked research program, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, its affiliate organizations and the startup companies coming out of the university have a total $30.8 billion annual statewide economic impact, equivalent to nearly 9% of Wisconsin’s $345 billion economy, according to a new report.

Conducted by NorthStar Analytics, LLC, the study finds that UW–Madison is one of Wisconsin’s major job creators, responsible for 232,057 public and private sector jobs—more than 7% of the 3 million jobs in Wisconsin, or 1 out of every 13 jobs in the state—and $1 billion in state and local taxes, putting it on par with major Wisconsin industries like dairy, food processing and tourism.

According to the report, taxpayer support in UW–Madison delivers a huge return on investment. For every $1 taxpayers invest in the university, more than $26 is put back into the state’s economy.

In addition to a billion-dollar research engine, UW–Madison continues to produce ideas and inventions that solve some of the biggest challenges at home and across the globe. The university and UW–Madison affiliates like the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) are home to a leading patent system, a deep pool of scientific talent, powerful computing infrastructure, and curriculum that supports the development of entrepreneurs. Together, these elements make up a partnership that empowers innovators to directly address problems facing major industries in Wisconsin and beyond.

“The research and innovation fostered at UW–Madison have brought the world’s leading tech companies to the state and launched hundreds of startups,” says UW–Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank. “The university continues to attract and nurture talent whose research and discoveries have tackled everything from shifts in Wisconsin’s agriculture to public health emergencies like the global COVID-19 pandemic.”

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