Morgan Hartman

University of Wisconsin-Platteville alumna Morgan Hartman, a 2018 industrial engineering graduate, credits her experience as a student-athlete with giving her the tools to become a marketing engineer for centrifugal water-cooled chillers at Trane Technologies in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Hartman describes her position as a multi-faceted role where she provides pre-sale support, meets with customers and helps the sales force team strategize and understand the market.

“A lot of the things I learned at UW-Platteville I carry into my position,” said Hartman, a former captain of the women’s basketball team. “I interact with customers quite often. I have confidence in what I know – I learned that from UW-Platteville coaches, teammates, faculty and staff. Where I’m at now is because of what I gained through my experiences at UW-Platteville. I’m grateful for the opportunities that were provided to me.”

Hartman, who has been with Trane Technologies since 2018, now attends the UW-Platteville career fairs as an industry representative. She recalls how valuable the experience was for her as an undergraduate student, along with her senior design project and internship.

“To have those experiences in my pocket to enhance my resume is something I now look at as an employer looking for employees,” said Hartman. “There is a lot of talent at UW-Platteville. We see that at Trane. It’s important for students to be involved and boost their resumes with internships and co-ops. You can always learn something from every opportunity you are given.”

As Hartman reflects on her collegiate journey, she’s thankful for the hands-on opportunities and the relationships she was able to build with instructors. Hartman was introduced to Trane Technologies through her professors and was able to meet company employers at the Women in STEM Banquet.

“I will be forever grateful for that opportunity,” said Hartman. “To be able to meet with industry representatives and talk to them about opportunities at Trane. One thing led to another, and I was hired within a week. I’m fortunate to work for a company that has exceptional leadership and a collaborative team environment.”

Even now, Hartman still hears from her professors. “It shows the type of staff UW-Platteville has and the care the faculty have for their students. They want you to be successful,” she said. “The academic experience was second to none.”