BioTech Opportunities for Wisconsin Firms in Flanders

Has your company taken Flanders into account when planning for future growth and international sales?
Flanders, the Northern region of Belgium, is

  • Where Pfizer produces 4 billion doses of COVID-vaccines per year
  • The #1 region in the world for clinical trials (procedure speed)
  • The first European CAR-T cell therapy manufacturing site
  • A pioneer in 3D printing of human tissues
  • The first IATA certified temperature-controlled pharma airport (Brussels Airport)

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation would like to introduce you to three representatives from the Flanders Investment and Trade agency who will be visiting Wisconsin October 5-7.  They timed their visit to coincide with the annual BioForward summit in Madison on the 7th and want to be able to meet with Wisconsin companies face-to-face.  We are assisting in arranging one-on-one meetings and a group roundtable on Wednesday, October 6 to address how Wisconsin firms can find development partners and become part of the European bio supply chain.  Since Brussels is located in Flanders, there is also wealth of experience dealing with EU bureaucracy and approval processes.

Face-to-Face Business Roundtable

Wednesday, October 6
1:00-2:00 pm
Shain Conference Room (Room 50)
MGE Innovation Center
510 Charmany Drive
Madison, WI  53719

A limited number of One-on-One meetings will also be available in the morning and after the Roundtable.


To register for the Roundtable or request a one-on-one meeting with the Flemish team, contact me at:, (608) 210-6777

NOTE: Masks are required in all common areas and conference room at the MGE Innovation Center for all individuals, whether vaccinated or not.
All participants should continue physical distancing in common areas to the best of one’s ability.