WEDC’s Entrepreneurship Support Program works to promote entrepreneurship and strengthen entrepreneurial communities throughout the state. The second phase of the Entrepreneurial Support Grants are the first of this type designed specifically for groups helping to create and grow diversely owned businesses in Wisconsin.

Applications will be accepted through March 8. Only programs focused on developing and supporting diverse entrepreneurship opportunities for minorities, women, veterans and LGBTQ individuals are eligible. These grants are limited to programs and groups, and are not awarded to individual entrepreneurs.

A total of $200,000 will be awarded. These funds will be available, among other things, for developing entrepreneurship programming, replicating successful programs, implementing best practices or assessing a community’s economic competitiveness. Funds can also be used for program marketing.

Grants are awarded through a competitive process, and applications are evaluated for alignment with program goals, applicant experience, project uniqueness, service need, impact, service area, collaboration and financial need. Applicants are required to contribute matching funds equal to the funding requested, up to 50% of which can be in-kind contributions.

More detailed program guidelines and program applications can be found here.