The Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest appeared Dec. 11, 2007 in the Marketplace section of the Wall Street Journal in a chart corresponding with the article Business-Plan Contests Become ‘American Idol Meets Trump’ — Entreptreurs Whose Pitches Are Persuasive Can Receive Loans, Credit Lines, Advice, By Kelly K. Spors.

The article discussed the rising popularity of business plan competitions throughout the nation.  ”Business-plan competitions, long an academic ritual to help business-school students develop ideas and pitch investors, are becoming an increasingly popular way for business owners and would-be entrepreneurs to raise extra cash while honing their business strategy.”

“The cash prizes contestants win, which can range from nothing to $100,000, are often gravy to the other benefits: free publicity, access to potential investors and having seasoned entrepreneurs and investors vet your plan.”

The Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest was mentioned in a chart relating to the article: