Farmington Hills Fire Department (MI) has a combination of 130 career and paid-on-call (part-time) firefighters located in five different stations, so scheduling is a challenge to begin with. Add the fact that the scheduling software they used was loaded on one computer in one of the locations and you can see why they were frustrated.

“The installed software was limited in options. The flexibility to add or make changes was very time consuming, and because it was installed, it didn’t give much access to the employees. There was little accountability for the few that did have access to it. Unless someone put their initials in a comment section there was no way to know who was making changes in the program,” explains Bruce Belsky, Battalion Chief, Farmington Hills Fire Department, Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Battalion Chief Belsky indicates the fire department went through the process of finding a better workforce management system. They discovered Wisconsin based Aladtec, and tried a free 14-day demo to see how the online software system would suit their needs. “Besides the Aladtec program itself appearing to meet most of our needs, the support staff played a very large part of the decision making process. Their positive attitude and willingness to help, with the necessary results, could not be overlooked,” he shares. Read the full story here.