The president and CEO of Dairyland Power Cooperative says integrating nuclear power is necessary to reach carbon emission reduction goals.

“The bottom line is, if we are for a less-carbon future, if you are against carbon, you need to be for nuclear. I don’t know a simpler way to put it,” Brent Ridge said yesterday during a Wisconsin Technology Council event in Madison. “If you want there to be less carbon, and you want a reliable, safe, economic grid that will keep together our economic 24/7 engine, nuclear is part of that future.”

The La Crosse-based generation and transmission co-op in February announced an agreement with NuScale Power to explore the Oregon company’s small-scale nuclear reactor technology. The company is planning to build the first of its small modular reactors in southern Idaho, Ridge explained. He said Dairyland is interested in how these reactors could help improve grid resiliency as more renewable energy resources such as solar and wind go online, and more people drive electric vehicles.

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