A national investment expert told tech startup founders to build relationships, broaden networks and streamline business pitches.

The expert addressed the 2021 Wisconsin Tech Summit, put on by the Wisconsin Technology Council. The virtual event, which wrapped up yesterday, featured speakers from tech industries and speed dating-style meetings between startups and major companies.

Tracie Rotter, a former partner at Google Ventures, gave the opening keynote address. She addressed summit attendees about her work at Google Ventures and the way that simplifying pitches can improve a business portfolio.

“Frame it in a story — this is a day in the life of a user,” she said, adding that making it easy for potential major corporate partners to understand a product can align possible goals with investors.

For established firms, she said pitching and relationship building “is not a spectator sport.” She told attendees from major companies to be actionable, purposeful and creative in order to have more fruitful conversations to foster global innovation.

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-By Jay Stahl