Some investors who spoke at the recent Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium said they like to invest first in the team and second in the technology.

If so, Middleton-based ImageMoverMD should be an investor’s dream.

ImageMoverMD was profiled as part of a new economy business profile series done this fall by UW-Madison students, and is led by four seasoned executives in health care technology. They are:

Mark Gehring, who is a medical technology developer and an innovative software engineer. Before joining ImageMoverMD, Gehring also co-founded Propeller Health, UltraVisual and Emageon, among other companies in the imaging and patient monitoring space.

Chief Technology Officer Richard Bruce is the co-founder. He has been actively involved in computing resource and network implementation for 20 years. His contributions to the team include optimizing the work flow and quality of the technologies through the development and integration of information that is processed through historical and recent data.

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