Busy doctors, long lines and rising health care costs are among reasons it is becoming more challenging to make a visit to a primary care doctor. Intellivisit sees this as a problem and is looking to make a change.

In 2013, Intellivisit co-founder Jay Mason set out to change the landscape of primary care. His company, which was profiled as part of a new business profile series done this fall by UW-Madison students, is the first “artificial intelligence”-assisted primary care diagnostic application in the United States.

The application is simple. The app can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer. First, a user describes his or her symptoms through the application. The information is then passed on to a nurse or doctor. Within minutes, the application will send back a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription – if necessary.

This “.ai” approach aims to save time and money for both clinicians and patients. Most importantly, Intellivisit allows patients to get the help they need more efficiently.

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