The size of investment deals in Wisconsin is on the rise, according to one of the latest investors to join the ranks of the Badger Fund of Funds regional partners.

Ross Leinweber of Milwaukee’s Bold Coast Capital joined fellow investors yesterday in Madison for a panel discussion during the second day of the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Conference, put on by the Wisconsin Technology Council.

According to a recent column from Tech Council President Tom Still, Leinweber is hoping to raise up to $15 million — slightly more than the first recipient fund from the Badger Fund of Funds, The Idea Fund of La Crosse, which has raised $13 million.

“Deal sizes are relatively just growing,” Leinweber said, noting that Milwaukee presents a more mature market than elsewhere in the state, so having a slightly larger capital base than other funds makes sense.

“We certainly want to be structured, and deploy capital in a programmatic way. But you also want to be cognizant of what the market is telling you, and the market is telling you that deal sizes are slightly bigger, so we’re going to try and hit the sweet spot,” he said.

The Badger Fund of Funds was started in 2014 with a $25 million buy-in from the state of Wisconsin. The idea is the fund would support smaller regional funds led by young investors.

The minds behind the Badger Fund are Ken Johnson, partner in the Badger Fund of Funds and a seasoned investor for Fitchburg-based Kegonsa Capital Partners; and Brian Birk of New Mexico-based Sun Mountain Capital. Read the full story here.