GE HealthCare Vice President of Advanced Technology Jay Hill says the state’s inclusion “sends a loud and clear message to the world that Wisconsin is perfectly poised for this initiative that will drive significant advancements” in the biohealth field.

“We have all the puzzle pieces in place including the companies, talent and innovative thinkers required to continue advancing the development of personalized medicine,” Hill said yesterday in a statement.

Consortium members will now be focused on developing an application for the Phase 2 designation, with Dr. Anjon Audhya of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health declaring “we’re just getting started.” Audhya is the school’s senior associate dean for basic research, biotechnology and graduate studies.

Moving ahead in the next phase of the Tech Hubs program will “place our region on a transformative trajectory, securing our future as trailblazers, paving the path to personalized medicine,” Audhya said.