The Marquette University Graduate School has announced three new “career skill” requirements for Ph.D. candidates to ensure each graduate has the opportunity to reflect on their desired career and acquire additional career-related skills needed for them to pursue their chosen path.

The three career skills requirements are career discernment; communication; and diversity, equity and inclusion. This requirement will apply to all students admitted to a Marquette Ph.D. program beginning with the fall 2024 semester.

“This new requirement will address a perceived disconnect between students’ preparation and the realities of the job market upon graduation,” said Dr. Doug Woods, dean of Marquette Graduate School. “Often people think the only career path for Ph.D. students is to become a professor, but we know that such jobs are becoming scarcer. We also know that people with Ph.Ds. can use their degrees very successfully in many ways that go beyond the traditional professor job. At Marquette, we are committed to allowing our doctoral students to find a career path that best speaks to their values and to best prepare them for it.”

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