A Milwaukee-based tech startup called MediCardia Health Inc. has closed on a $3 million funding round after being founded last year.

The business has a digital health platform for organizing and coordinating an array of clinical data for care providers, and it aims to create “provider-centric tools for patient-centric care,” a release shows. Its technology is meant to supplement disease prevention and treatment with a focus on cardiology.

Funds raised will be used to “significantly ramp up” development of the platform, including telehealth, remote monitoring of patients, natural language processing of patient data, and automation of medical charts. The company also plans to launch new features soon including support for medical implants, imaging, a research platform and more.

Investors in the $3 million round include Milwaukee Venture Partners and Northwestern Mutual Cream City Venture Capital, as well as other angel investors in Wisconsin, elsewhere in the United States, and in Japan. It was initially funded by CEO and founder Dr. Indrajit Choudhuri and others, and later received seed funding from local angel investor Jeff Rusinow, who’s now the company’s chairman.

Craig Schedler, managing director of the Northwestern Mutual venture capital firm, says MediCardia has “remarkable vision for the future and the opportunity to drive digital transformation” in the health care industry.

“We are excited to be investing in a local Milwaukee startup focused on digital health,” Schedler said in the release.

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