Oshkosh Corporation expects to see a significant leap in productivity as the manufacturing business adopts more AI technology.

Anupam Khare, senior vice president and chief information officer for Oshkosh Corp., yesterday discussed the company’s tech-focused strategy during a meeting of the Governor’s Task Force on Workforce and Artificial Intelligence.

While the business has already been incorporating industrial automation for decades, its fledgling relationship with artificial intelligence will take time to scale up in a major way, Khare told task force members. But he underlined its importance for the growing company, which produces military vehicles, specialty trucks and other machinery.

“I think three or four years ago, we were a $7 billion company, now we’re a $10 billion company,” he said. “We have two years of backlog. We have always 500 to 800 opening roles which we are not able to fill. We need efficiencies and productivity.”

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