Pilot Training System LLC plans to take to the air with its mobile platform, the Drone Flight Bag, early in 2017.

Founded in 2011 by Chris Johnson, PTS provides affordable training technologies for pilots. The Drone Flight Bag seeks to fulfill the need to certify pilots, assist in planning missions, manage the operation of the drone and secure data management and analytics.

PTS, which was profiled as part of a new business series done this fall by UW-Madison students, ensures safe, legal, ethical and efficient drone operations.

“The Drone Flight Bag is still in development. We hope to launch after the first of the year… because that is when these drones will be flying more,” Johnson said.

Johnson has been in the aviation realm for years, which has allowed him to gain valuable insight into what his customers want. However, the drone market is brimming with startup companies, but Johnson feels his experience will give him a wing up with his competition.

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