The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC or Commission) awarded more than $790,000 in funding from the Medical Telecommunications Equipment Program, also known as the Telemedicine Grant Program. The funds will support 12 projects that will purchase medical telecommunications equipment to enhance access to medical care in rural or underserved areas, for people with disabilities, or promotes technologically advanced medical services.
“The projects funded today use broadband and telecommunications services to reduce barriers to getting necessary health screenings as well as decrease the time to access emergency or specialized care for our most vulnerable communities,” said PSC Chairperson Rebecca Cameron Valcq. “Telemedicine grants are improving health outcomes for Wisconsinites by creating regular, virtual access to medical screenings and care. These projects will reduce the risk of blindness in patients due to diabetic retinopathy, will connect patients with specialists without needing to be physically transferred to another facility, and reduce hospital readmission rates for at-home patients.”