The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates about 20 million Americans have an addiction to illicit drugs, alcohol or both. Out of that group, only about 10 percent will seek help with addiction rehab.

Madison-based RehabPath was founded in 2017 by Ben Camp and Jeremiah Calvino with the goal to make the journey to treatment much easier. Its various websites compile resources that individuals can use to seek addiction help.

“People start on the internet when they are on that journey, but the types of results people get are confusing and sometimes misleading,” Camp said. “We present really high-quality options and highlight the treatment capabilities of each (treatment) center.”

Although RehabPath wasn’t officially founded until 2017, Camp and Calvino had been actively working in the rehab scene for years. The two met at Maranatha Baptist University in Jefferson County, where Camp was enrolled in a marketing course Calvino was teaching.

When the class ended, Calvino asked Camp to join his new marketing agency, where they provided marketing services for treatment centers. In 2010, they began working on what was initially meant to be a side project — — which helps people in India find addiction treatment.

Today, compiles and organizes information on resources from over 1,200 treatment centers in India, according to the RehabPath website. On top of providing a list of treatment centers around the country, it also hosts webinars and shares information to educate on addiction.

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