More than 690 commercial and recreational boating deaths have occurred since 2015 because of collisions at sea, according to the co-founder of Skip & Co. Maritime, Robert Carsey of Fond du Lac.

He says recent investigations of these accidents have revealed a large operator training gap, resulting from competing demands on modern mariners.

In the past, most mariner courses have been offered in person. This approach can be difficult for mariners since course schedules don’t always align with the ship’s operational schedules, according to Carsey. He says obtaining a license can be logistically challenging for mariners, resulting in a lack of proper training at sea.

Skip and Co. Maritime intends on removing many of these barriers through modern, e-learning technology.

Company leaders presented yesterday in Milwaukee as part of the “Diligent Dozen” in the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest, during the first day of the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference. Contest winners will be announced today at Venue42 in Milwaukee. Read the full story here.