As Wisconsin is set to start receiving its share of national opioid settlement funds in April, state Director of Opioid Initiatives Paul Krupski says the state needs to double down on its efforts to fight the opioid epidemic.

“We’re confident that the data pre-pandemic showed us that the steps and the actions we’re taking in Wisconsin are creating positive change,” he said yesterday during a WisconsinEye interview. “If we stay the course, we continue to invest in those strategies … We can get pointed in the right direction again.”

Wisconsin is expected to get about $400 million from the $26 billion settlement with opioid makers and distributors, though Krupski said the exact amount is still uncertain. Thirty percent of the funds will go to the state for efforts to address and prevent abuse of opioids, while the other 70 percent will be divided among local governments, according to a state Department of Justice release.

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