Companies young and old gathered in Waukesha for the Wisconsin Technology Council’s Tech Summit, bringing diverse perspectives together with the goal of collaboratively solving problems in the technology sphere.

Nearly 50 emerging companies met with more established names, including GE Healthcare, Rockwell Automation, Aurora Healthcare, Johnson Controls and Exact Sciences, at the GE Healthcare Institute Monday — interactions meant to benefit not just the new businesses, but the older ones too.

Sujeet Chand, CTO for Rockwell Automation, says the company’s current vision is to connect data from production and manufacturing departments with supply chain and customer demand information, all to optimize production in what he calls “a connected enterprise.”

“To realize that vision, there are many, many areas where significant breakthroughs in innovation will be needed,” Chand said, adding that emerging companies like the ones in attendance could help with those breakthroughs.

While those companies offer a number of services and products, more than one-third are innovating in health-connected spaces. One such company, Kiio, has a clinical software platform with therapeutic exercises, a patented force sensor and mobile applications that patients can use. Read the full story here.