Speaking during this week’s Early Stage Symposium, held in Madison by the Wisconsin Technology Council, company President and CEO William Donaldson described existing hormone replacement therapies for menopause as a “double-edged sword.”

He explained that while HRT can help offset the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, depression, sleep problems and more, these existing therapies can also raise patients’ risk for side effects including blood clots and cancer.

Donaldson said the company’s therapies “have the benefits of hormone replacement therapy but without the undesirable side effects.” Since launching in 2018, the company has filed a patent for the technology behind the new therapies and completed animal studies showing their effectiveness, he added.

About $650,000 of the company’s $1.7 million in total funding has come in the past 12 months, including a $300,000 National Institutes of Health grant announced in October.

Looking ahead, Estrigenix will be continuing with Phase 2 clinical trials for the treatment of hot flashes. After that, Donaldson said the company aims to license its intellectual property to a pharmaceutical partner to help carry it through Phase 3 clinical trials and obtain FDA approval.

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