He was recently announced as one of the co-chairs of the upcoming Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference, to be held June 4-5 in Milwaukee by the Wisconsin Technology Council. In this week’s podcast, he discusses what attendees can expect from the event, as well as some of the work Scale Up Milwaukee is doing to foster growth in the area’s business ecosystem.

“We are consistent, very loud, very provocative champions for growth,” he said. “We recognize how entrepreneurial growth can really catalyze a region.”

In the past five years, he says Scale Up Milwaukee has helped more than 100 companies through its various accelerator programs. Last year alone, those companies collectively added about $50 million in revenue.

“There’s a way that we can collaborate and coordinate our activities so that we’re fostering growth,” he said. “Growth in revenue, growth in the number of businesses, growth in profit, growth in wealth, growth in reputation — it really means growing the ecosystem in this region to support folks with great ideas.”

Listen to the podcast here: http://soundcloud.com/wispolitics/wisbiz-podcast-scale-up-milwaukee