The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation today announced its annual support to the University of Wisconsin–Madison research enterprise for the academic year ending in 2023. The amount totals $130.0 million across all grant categories and programs.

Continuing a tradition that dates to the 1930s, the WARF Board of Trustees once again approved a base grant in response to a formal request from UW–Madison’s Office of Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE). The base grant, supporting research during the current fall and upcoming spring and summer semesters, is $66.1 million, a 4% increase over the same amount last year.

In addition, WARF announced supplemental grants to UW-Madison valued at $21.7 million plus another $36.2 million provided to the university in the form of operational and functional support. A grant of $6 million to the Morgridge Institute for Research rounds out the $130.0 million total.

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