Wisconsin Technology Council President Tom Still points to the creation of UW-Madison’s new School of Computer, Data and Information Sciences under Blank’s tenure as “recognition that such sciences are fundamental to success” in the modern economy. In a statement, he also underscores rising enrollment in engineering programs and growth in the university’s medical science, veterinary science, nursing and pharmacy programs.

He added that research expenditures at the university continue to increase “at a time when federal R&D spending has leveled off and even decreased” in some areas.

“In the fiscal year ending June 30, the university recorded an increase of more than 100 grant proposals compared to the previous year, demonstrating a breadth and depth of innovation,” Still said. “The UW-Madison also received $1.5 billion in federal grants, up 15 percent over the prior year.”

Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce President Zach Brandon praised the chancellor for her leadership “in a rapidly changing economy.” Blank is a member of the chamber’s board.

“As an economist and former U.S. Commerce Secretary, she brought tremendous insight to understanding and engaging with the business community,” Brandon said in a statement. “As a fierce advocate for research, she also supported innovation both on and off campus, ensuring Greater Madison grows as a place that solves global challenges for years to come.”

See Still’s statement: https://www.wispolitics.com/2021/wisconsin-technology-council-blank-leadership-kept-uw-madison-strong-in-science-tech/

See Brandon’s statement: https://www.wispolitics.com/2021/greater-madison-chamber-of-commerce-statement-from-chamber-president-on-the-resignation-of-chancellor-blank/