“As Wisconsin residents face the upcoming election amid the continued uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, health care and its associated costs are top of mind for residents of the Badger State,” said Eric Borgerding, president and CEO of the Wisconsin Hospital Association. “We are fortunate, as this report confirms, that Wisconsin has a stable, high quality, and accessible health care system that provides tremendous value to health care consumers.”

HC Trends, a research affiliate of BSG Analytics, looked at overall health care value from quality to access and efficiency to cost. HC Trends found that Wisconsin is consistently in the top tier of states for the quality of health care delivered and access to care.

It also found that the state’s health systems use up to 10 percent fewer medical services than other states while consistently achieving some of the highest quality care in the country. Finally, health care premiums, which account for both unit price and utilization, have improved over time and are now close to or at the national average.

“Here in Wisconsin, we have a long tradition of integrated care, which means care is better coordinated, aligned and efficient,” Borgerding said. “Studies that only take into account isolated cost indicators fail to consider what is unique about Wisconsin and ultimately only serve to reduce transparency and clarity about the true value of health care in Wisconsin.”

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