Designed to drive collaboration and co-investment between the two states, the Wisconsin Angel Network and the Minnesota Angel Network agreed today to designate a seat on their respective advisory boards for the other’s director.


“The Midwest’s economic future will not be built by border raiding neighboring states for existing companies,” said Zach Brandon, director of the Wisconsin Angel Network. “All net new job creation in this country comes from startups but more than two-thirds of the necessary growth capital is located on the coasts. To be competitive, Midwestern states must coordinate, collaborate and co-invest.”


“We are thrilled to have co-participation on an advisory board level between the Minnesota Angel Network and the Wisconsin Angel Network,” said Todd Leonard, executive director of the Minnesota Angel Network. “During the past two years, the Wisconsin Angel Network director has served as an advisor as we prepare to launch the Minnesota Angel Network. This new, formalized ability to share ideas and syndicate deals will greatly increase success for both state programs.”


In addition to board-level participation, the networks will look for opportunities to leverage Wisconsin’s and Minnesota’s nearly identical early stage investor tax credit programs and expand the Midwest co-Investment Network with partners in Illinois, Ohio and Missouri.


About Minnesota —
The Minnesota Angel Network accelerates growth of entrepreneurial companies throughout the state of Minnesota by providing independent and tailored training to CEOs, and gives investors efficient access to Minnesota Angel Network certified companies.


About Wisconsin —
The Wisconsin Angel Network fuels the growth of early stage capital in Wisconsin by operating as an umbrella organization providing services and resources to early stage investors and entrepreneurs.