Early stage digital medicine company Cubismi has today announced it has been selected to take part in the Microsoft for Startups global program as part of its efforts to propel critical-need interactive digital diagnostics into new standards of precision cancer care. Based in Wisconsin, Cubismi was founded by clinical radiologist, cancer imaging expert, and visual artist Dr Moira Schieke. The startup is a digital medicine pioneer, personalizing actionable visualizations and precision insights to transform and empower professional interactions and each patient’s journey.

The Microsoft for Startups program provides access to leading technologies including Microsoft Azure, GitHub as well as mentorship and business support. The program will help to support Cubismi’s mission to transform the use of visual technology across healthcare, while addressing the current diagnostic error crisis caused by today’s legacy systems. Cubismi’s vision for its Emerge cloud platform, designed to address the existing pains associated with healthcare legacy systems, will come into fruition using Microsoft’s powerful cloud technology for rapid user interface interaction. Created by a team of multidisciplinary experts, the platform will leverage various forms of health data including medical imaging which represents 90% of the health data digital footprint, turning it into powerful, highly granular new insights about the human body.

With approximately 12 million people in the U.S. who seek outpatient medical care experiencing some form of diagnostic error, Cubismi’s technology will provide an optimized pathway to a future of value-based and precision medicine for healthcare systems investing in healthcare’s digital transformation. Interactive digital diagnostics is set apart from Autonomous AI efforts in medical imaging, which leading medtech experts increasingly believe will take another decade for safe adoption in clinical environments. Interactive diagnostics, on the other hand, offers a more realistic pathway for long-term investment in healthcare based on its reliability, precision, and value-based care, all of which can provide immediate relief to healthcare systems.

In recent years, the US has prioritized similarly personalized medicine and value-based care with the Precision Medicine Initiative, shifting the emphasis in healthcare from reaction to long-term prevention. Cubismi’s arrival follows an unprecedented boom in medtech investment last year, with digital medicine startups seeing a record USD$80.6 billion in global investment.

Speaking about Cubismi being chosen for the prestigious program, Founder Dr Moira Schieke, commented:

“We are honored to be among such a select group of companies from around the world chosen to join the Microsoft for Startups Program. Our participation comes at a critical time both for our company and for the healthcare system across the United States, which is in urgent need of modernized digital visual technology to remedy its ongoing diagnostic error crisis caused by physicians working on today’s legacy systems. Through Cubismi’s Emerge platform, we hope to remedy high rates of diagnostic error and introduce a new standard of precision care.  Given the applicability to disease such as cancer, one out of 5 of which cases are currently misclassified in the US, we are confident Cubismi’s digital transformation can make an enormous positive impact on our healthcare systems and, eventually, global population health.”

About Cubismi

Cubismi is an interactive digital diagnostics company pioneering personalizing actionable visualizations and precision insights to transform and empower each professional interaction and each patient’s journey.  Through its Emerge cloud platform leveraging proprietary precision biomap digital twin technology and integrated communications systems, the company aims to significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce diagnostic errors by leveraging modernized visual technology for augmented physician decision-making and increased cooperation across complex healthcare systems. Founded by a clinical radiologist, cancer imaging expert, and visual artist, Dr Moira Schieke M.D, the company is based in Madison, Wisconsin and comprises a multidisciplinary team of notable thought-leaders and technology pioneers in the Digital Medicine space. Cubismi is a member of the Microsoft for Startups program. For more information, please visit www.cubismi.com.