Madison-based Kiio plans to expand its offerings to provide a full spectrum of care for musculoskeletal pain.

The digital therapeutics company offers a care program for back pain that involves coaching patients through exercises and education on their smart devices.

The company is working on similar programs for knee, neck and hip pain that it plans to release later this year or early next year.

Lydia Zeller, who became CEO in April, said it’s an “incredibly exciting time in healthcare.”

“The pandemic has shaken things up in a way that provides significant opportunity,” she said in a recent interview with Wisconsin Health News.

Kiio works with Wisconsin health plans like Children’s Community Health Plan, Quartz and WEA Trust as well as employers, including Promega and Navitus Health Solutions.

And they’re working with national health plans and employers, like Walgreens, Tufts Health Plan and UnitedHealthcare.

Zeller became CEO in April after being involved with the company since its creation in 2012. She noted Kiio has a high percentage of women in leadership roles and broke down some of the ways that it’s worked to increase diversity.

Women often have to juggle multiple demands, like raising children and caregiving, making them more likely to deprioritize career advancement for a period of time, she said.

It’s important to provide flexibility for those juggling such demands, not penalize people for taking career breaks and support those re-entering the workforce. Read the full story here.