Three Wisconsin health technology companies joined forces to build a better infrastructure for COVID-19 testing within the state.

Epic, Exact Sciences and Promega discussed their efforts yesterday during a Wisconsin Technology Council briefing in responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Sara Mann, general manager of the North American branch of Promega, said the companies started off by talking daily about ways to expand testing capacity around the state, looking at factors such as testing space and testing collection supplies.

“A lot of knowledge sharing happened within the scientific community and within our different companies,” she said. “We really came together to problem solve.”

Jake Orville, a general manager at Exact Sciences, said their companies together have donated countless project management hours, and learned to trust one another to come together and get work done quicker.

Epic Systems worked with Exact to implement an interface called COVID-connect, which has expanded testing efforts around the state. The interface was developed with Wisconsin’s emergency operations center and Microsoft.

Mike Pontillo, an Epic implementation executive, said the Alliant Energy Center community testing site has been able to complete around 40 more COVID-tests per hour as a result of using the new software. Read the full story here.