The Innovate 608 podcast is for professionals on the go. It’s about entrepreneurship — the journey, the community and a place to hear about bold new things happening in Madison and Wisconsin.
Hosted by Nora Roughen-Schmidt and produced by StartingBlock, Madison’s local hub for creative startups, the Innovate 608 podcast will tell the stories of incredible Wisconsin innovators. Listeners will hear from startup CEOs about their successes and failures, plus experts in every facet of creating a successful business, from turning an idea into an effective investor pitch to launching and running a thriving operation.
In the 12th episode, Madison Region Economic Partnership CEO Jason Fields discusses his journey as a state lawmaker, author, financial adviser and for the last year as head of the Madison area’s economic development agency. Fields shares how one of his family’s first experiences moving from Milwaukee to Madison was an uncomfortable phone call with a real estate agent, and how Madison’s poor record on educating Black children has repercussions for attracting a talented, diverse workforce.