A Milwaukee-area information technology services company is looking to find its niche by providing modern technology to small manufacturing companies still using laborious paper-based documentation systems.

Sabhya Technologies, based in Brookfield, is a device-as-a-service startup offering software application services, cloud computing enablement, machine learning and data analytics capabilities for manufacturers that lack the resources to afford services provided by larger service companies, or the resources to properly implement software to extract value from data.

“We are trying to change the concept of data in silos,” said Deepak Babu, CEO of Sabhya Technologies, which has a few employees in Brookfield, but a larger workforce in India.

Babu has worked in the software industry for 20 years, including 10 years in sales. Less than two years ago, he started the company with a focus on machine connectivity for small manufacturers, offering quality control solution through a DaaS model. Babu said the company’s DaaS can also be used to collect Covid-19 data on individuals during the ongoing pandemic.

The startup recently graduated from FOR-M, a free 10-week incubator that’s part of the Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition.

In traditional manufacturing and production facilities, workers use paper-based clipboards to track inventory and compliance regulations. Sabhya built a system that allows the checklist process to be converted into a software. The value for companies, Babu said, is access to data to run their business more effectively and efficiently. Read the full story here.